Reconocimiento Conmemorativo & Maraton Osaka Cityzen

3 de Mayo 2018

Día Mundial de: Libertad de Prensa

Now; How Do You Say: Guy’s¿’?


Talento Consigo (Roku)

Maraton Mayu Watanabe

Idols que puedes conocer.

Estafeta establecida por Yasushi Akimoto

Y que perconta la colaboracion de Mizuki Nana con el single: Discotheque

Discotheque Mayu Watanabe & Mizuki Nana


Discotheque AKB48 Nuevas Generaciones

Ying Yang

Erika Ikuta 

Walking through the fields of gold, 
In the distance, bombs can fall. 
Boy we’re running free .

Mano Erina Ozosaki Musume
Facing light in the flow .
And in the cherry trees; 
We’re hiding from the world. 
But the golden age is over .
But the golden age is over. 

Densha Otoko Deluxe The final Chrusade

Boy, we’re dancing through the snow.
Waters freeze, the wind blows.
Did you ever feel;

Kasai Tomomi Sakura No Hanabiaratachi
We’re falling as we grow.

Maeda Atsuko Yuko Oshima Sakura No Hanabiratachi
No I would not believe;
The light could ever go.
But the golden age is over;

Densha Otoko Deluxe The Final Chrusade X AKB48
But the golden age is over.

Kazumi Takayama Nogizaka46


Listen, I can hear the call;

As I’m walking through the door.

Nishino Nanase Nogizaka46

Did you ever dream; 
We’d miss the mornings in the sun. 
The playgrounds in the streets;
The bliss of slumberland. 
Boy, we are family; 
No matter what they say. 
But boys are meant to flee; 
And run away one day. 
Nishino Nanase & Kazumi Takayam Nogizaka46
When golden age is over;

Yu Hi Wo Miteiruka
When the golden age is over.
But the golden age is over;
The golden age is over.


AKB48 Hashire Penguin